Apply For Staff

Minimum Requirements To Create An Application:

Rank Moderator: At least 3 Days In Game Time. ( You will be rejected if you don’t have this time! )

The Better Quality Your Application Is And Your Experience, The More Chance You Have!

Any other ranks (Mapper, etc) : Please Contact Me In Game “Lemony Link”

As A Moderator You Must Be Willing To Help Anyone Who Joins The Game And Is In Need Of Help.

You Must Be Able To Give Them Commands.

You Must Be Able To Give Them Basic Information On How To Play.

We Need People Who Can Help And Know What They Are Doing!

Please Make Sure You Know All The Server Commands.

As A Moderator You Must Be A Mature Person Who Does Not Insult / Abuse A Fellow Player For No Reason.

You Will Be Rejected Instantly If You Are Not Mature Enough.

If Accepted You Will Be Put On A 7 Day Trial.

If Too Much Necessary Information Is Missing, The Application Will Be Declined Instantly.

Good Luck Everyone. – Lost In Time – Lemony Link.